Forlaget Press 2002



Nordorsk Kunstmuseum, Tromsø (NO) 2003

Helsinki City Art Museum, Helsinki (FI) 2003

Stenersen Museum, Oslo (NO) 2002



Album comprises nearly forty tight-cropped close-ups of human skin. The large photographs are both intimate and anonymous – they come extremely close but still keep their distance.

Fin Serck-Hanssen has said, ”I just want to get a bit too close” of the works in the Album series 2001–2002. Intimacy and giving visibility to minute things are distinctive of theses images. While they come as close to the skin as is possible, the draw away from the subject, and in the extreme, they become almost abstract and even unrecognizable.

The photographs in the Album series examine physical presence. They do not portray flawless human beings but landscapes of different skins: ruptured blood vessels, chapped lips, a shining bald dome of a head, stubble on a chin and a wrinkled neck. The images of flesh are reminiscent of nature close-ups and the surfaces of inanimate objects.

The skin is a boundary that conceals, protects and remembers but also communicates, reveals and insinuates. The knowledge that the artist's models include his father and others close to him opens up a perspective of memory and memories on the works and the title, Album.

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All photos ​© Fin Serck-Hanssen